I can really recommend the extraordinary communications talent of Michaela and her experienced network for coaching, training and seminars, as well as her communications work.

Christine Rupprechter-Rödlach, Director Public Affairs, FACE, Brüssel

We have received additional momentum at Serafaus-Fiss-Ladis thanks to Herbert Ottenschläger, quite literally. An amazing project, carried out professionally and with commitment.

Josef Schirgi, CEO Tourismusverband Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Michaela Mohzis-Böhm and her team are communications and mobilization professionals; and they are great fun to work with. Our many projects with them have always been and still are fun and efficient, in addition to being successful.

Uwe Reusche, Institut für Sales Management, Urbar

We have worked together with Herbert Ottenschläger for many years, seeing many perfectly organized, magical events. Personally, I think that the Sled Dog World Championships in Werfenweng left the biggest impression. The atmosphere felt by the participants, spectators and dogs was incredibly positive. And even Saint Peter was so impressed by the perfect organization that he helped with tacky, white snow and blue skies.

Erich Scharf, CEO Salzburger Woche, Salzburg

I appreciate the professional approach to communications and extraordinary expertise in mobilization shown by Michaela Mojzis-Böhm and her team. Ambassador Dr. Hans Winkler, Diplomatic Academy, Vienna

Herbert Ottenschläger is a professional with a great instinct for successful business ideas, putting them into practice perfectly with 100% dedication. Mutual trust turned our business partnership into a very strong business friendship very quickly, resulting in a number of successful projects.

Dipl. Ing. Niclas Schubert Chairman Makrohaus AG, Bad Reichenhall

Working with Michaela Mojzis-Böhm is not only fun, but provides clear insights into how to put ideas into practice. She is a communications and mobilization professional.

Mag. Michael Ikrath, General Secretary Österreichischer Sparkassenverband, Vienna.

I met Herbert Ottenschläger at Bike Day in Innsbruck in 2008. We were able to start a mobility project in the Kitzbuehler Alpen region in the same year. Mr. Ottenschläger is a man true to his word and our project includes 400 bikes to rent, making us the largest E-bike region in the world. Herbert Ottenschläger’s actions are characterized by quick decision-making processes and well organized management.

Max Salcher, Managing Director Tourismusverband Kitzbüheler Alpen – Brixental

Commitment, professionalism and empathy characterize Michaela Mojzis-Böhm’s work.

Dr. Franz Fischler, Consultant, former EU Comissioner, President of European Forum Alpbach

Working with Herbert Ottenschläger is symbolized by professionalism, innovation, a hands-on approach and fairness. We look forward to further exciting cooperation projects and innovations for our region!

Petra Wegener CEO – Tourismusverband Weserbergland, Hameln



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