The Corporate Grassroots Factory team supports you on your way to a well-organized and lively business fan club. We are practical, dedicated and professionals in our field.

The Corporate Grassroots Factory is a partnership between Sprache am Markt Gmbh and STP GmbH & Co. KG. Michaela Mojzis-Böhm & Herbert Ottenschläger, the two founding partners, bring comprehensive know-how in the fields of mobilization, communications, campaign and event management, as well as emotional customer language, to the table, thanks to running their own businesses for more than 20 years. We can offer a wide range of services and react quickly to individual needs, using a network comprising around 20 professional consultants and experts in mobilization field!

The services associated with business fan movements are very different, based on our experience. Just as no fan resembles another, most situations differ from others. Corporate Grassroots is unchartered territory most of the time and much of the path only becomes visible once we start following it.

Clients usually choose one of the following business strategies:

  • Fan Check: where can we identify fans in the company and how can we integrate them on an everyday basis?
  • Corporate Grassroots Campaign Concept: how can we make our fans visible – in relation to our cause?
  • Grassroots Workshop: workshop for communicating in writing, with images and sound suitable for mobilization purposes.
  • Fan Videos: fans explain to fans how to best support the company.
  • Grassroots Handout / Guide: we present the activities associated with our fan club, adapted to the specific company situation.
  • ….

We would like to work together with you to prepare a suitable and effective way to make your fans visible – in the interests of your company.